What is the difference between the Gen 3 and Gen 4 Micro RONI?


The Generation 3 Micro RONIs had different models to fit the full and compact Glock 9mm, .40. .357 pistols, while the Generation 4 Micro RONIs Muzzle shrouds are adjustable, so one Micro RONI model fits both the full and compact Glock 9mm, .40 & .357 models. In addition, the Gen 3 Micro RONIs had a round muzzle shroud which does not accept the PMD and MRCPM Muzzle Extensions. The Gen 3+ and Gen 4 Micro RONI have a triangular muzzle shroud. The Gen 3 cocking handles were not captive, while Gen 4 cocking handles are captive. Gen 3 models had a slide release. Gen 4 models do not require a slide release.


What is the difference between the Gen 4 and Gen 4X Micro RONI?


There are currently 2 models of the Micro RONI


The Micro RONI Gen 4 which has both the INTEGRAL triangular forward grip and the friction fit forward magazine well. Meaning that both the forward grip and magazine well are not removable.


The Micro RONI Gen 4X which has the INTERCHANGEABLE triangular forward grip and the forward magazine well with latch. Meaning that you can only use either the grip or the magazine well at one time, but not both at the same time.


What Glocks does the Micro RONI fit?


The Micro RONI Gen 4 and Gen 4X both  fit Glock full size and compact models in 9mm .40 cal and .357 cal. Fitting Generations 3, 4 and 5 of Glock 17, 19, 22, 23, 31, & 32 The Micro RONI does not fit Glock Generations 1 & 2 models as they do not have the under barrel rail and accessory lug.


What other pistols does the Micro RONI fit?


There are Micro RONI models for:

Beretta APX

CZ P10 Full & compact models

CZ P07-09 models


How much is the Micro RONI?


Both the basic Micro RONI Gen 4 and Gen 4X are $249.99 in the USA. Both are available with the Arm Support.


In the USA, is the Micro RONI with the folding stock legal?


The Micro RONI folding stock models requires NFA registration in the USA, before purchase, as they convert a pistol into a Short Barrel Rifle (SBR). The Arm Support models do not require NFA registration.


Is the Micro RONI with the arm support legal in California?




What material is the Micro RONI charging handle made from?


The charging handle is polymer. The sight channel of the Micro RONI has been designed with slots, so if necessary, it can be easily opened up with a Dremel tool to accommodate higher sights.


What accessories are available for the Micro RONI?


Micro RONI Accessories include:


MRFL Micro RONI Flashlight $75.00

THR Thumb Rest Set $17.49

OPSPBSS One Point Sling & Push Button Sling Swivel $49.99

MRDS Micro RONI Red Dot Sight $129.99

BGFBGR Front & Rear Back up Sights $64.99

MRCASE Polymer case $34.99

ROBAG Tactical Deployment Bag $175.00

DG17 Display/Training Glock 17 $19.99

STAND Clear display stand for DG & Micro RONI $19.99

PMD  6” Muzzle Extension w teeth $109.99 (Gen 4 Only)

MRCPM 4” Muzzle Extension / Compensator $139.99 (Gen 4 Only)

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